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Choose your BookSmart Plan!

  • Store Reward Program

    Every year
    Reader Reward Program
    • $35/yearly
    • Birthday Gift Surprise for every individual at your address!
    • Exclusive Access to NEW TITLES & Limited Merchandise
    • TWO (2) Free Tickets to Any Class or Event
  • Donate - BOOK DRIVE

    Donate to support the Loudoun County Book Drive!
    Valid for 2 years
    • Donate & WE supply quality books for the book drive!
    • Parent AND Teacher - Approved books!
    • Want to donate more than $15? Add another plan to your cart!
    • You donate, we take care of the rest.
    • All sponsored books will be supplied directly to LC schools
  • VIP SUPPORT Sponsor

    Help Our Small Business Open & Thrive!
    • 10% off ALL Merchandise - LIFETIME
    • ONE (1) FREE ticket to Class/Event each month
    • Exclusive Access to New Titles and Limited Merchandise
    • Biz sponsors will have their info on our Appreciation Page!
  • Educating Sponsor

    Every month
    Educational Business Sponsorship
    Valid for 6 months
    • Teach One (1) class or host a special event!
    • Enrich our community with your skills & expertise
    • Advertising is shared by your business AND BookSmart
    • Your business information will be shared on social media
    • Your business information will be shared on our website
    • Handout and promotional items supplied by your business
    • 1-6 month sponsorship + advertising opportunity
  • Homeschool 101

    Start Homeschooling Successfully!
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